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What Not to Say After a Car Crash

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Car Accidents

Whether it be accidently bumping into someone while walking on the street or interrupting another person’s conversation, when most people do anything that may possibly inconvenience another individual, their first reaction is to say “I’m sorry.”

You can only imagine that this type of reaction must be even more prominent after something much more serious, such as a car accident. However, apologizing, in this case, can have a negative impact on your legal claim.

Do Not Apologize to Anyone after a Car Collision

In the aftermath of a car accident, the word “sorry” should not be part of your vocabulary since it could be interpreted as an admission of guilt and used against you if you are seeking compensation from your insurance adjuster or the other party’s insurance provider.

Any of the following statements can potentially harm your claim:

  • “I’m sorry”
  • “I didn’t see you”
  • “I wasn’t paying attention”

What to Say to the Other Driver

The first thing you should say to the passengers in your vehicle or the other drivers or passengers involved in the collision is “Are you okay?”

No matter whose fault it is, check to see whether anybody was hurt and suffered injury. Instead of getting angry and yelling at the driver, showing concern for the well-being of everyone involved is the best thing to do.

Other than that, you do not have to say much else. Exchange names and contact information of all parties involved, including witnesses. Take pictures of the season and call the police in order to obtain an accident report.

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