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Sports Stadium Liability – Can I Sue If I Was Injured While at a Ball Game?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2017 | Personal Injury


While many people flock to sports stadiums and arenas to watch their favorite teams play, they could be vulnerable to harm. Injuries at sporting events typically fall into two categories: premises liability injuries and injuries that occur when a fan is struck by a ball or puck.

To win a premises liability case against the stadium owner, you need to prove that the owner was negligent. Just because you slipped and fell because of a wet restroom floor in a stadium does not mean that the owner was negligent. The floor had to have been unreasonably slippery. In addition, you must prove that the stadium owner knew or should have known that the floor was in unreasonable condition, and failed to take the proper steps to resolve the issue.


In regard to injuries as a result of getting hit by a ball or puck, there is often a disclaimer located on the back of your ticket – in extremely small print – that states the ticket holder agrees to waive liability for injuries which occur during the event in question. In most cases, these disclaimers are considered valid.

However, stadium owners are still responsible for acting reasonably to minimize the risk of injury to fans. For example, baseball stadiums have netting behind home plate to protect spectators from getting hit by foul balls. If you were sitting behind home plate and a foul ball went through a hole in the netting, you could argue that the stadium owner was negligent in its upkeep of the netting.

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