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Why are they blocking traffic?

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Car Accidents

When you are in a hurry to get somewhere, little is more of an inconvenience than another vehicle blocking your way. And if you aren’t careful, you may find yourself getting irritated without considering what happened or whether everyone’s alright.

In some instances, you might feel as though you should stop and offer to help. However, unless there is a place for you to pull over out of harm’s way, it might be better to get to a safe place where you can stop and call for help on their behalf. Despite the potential setback a stopped vehicle may cause you, there are many reasons why a driver might turn on their hazard lights.

Why would you use your hazard lights?

Hazards, or “flashers,” as some drivers call them, serve to warn others of a problem as they approach your vehicle. Your hazards alert others to the need to slow down and move over to avoid causing harm to you or those around you.

Reasons why someone might use their hazards include:

  • Roadside maintenance – If you need to change a flat tire, your hazards will alert other drivers to slow down when approaching a potentially dangerous situation alongside the road.
  • Waiting for a tow – In some circumstances, someone’s car might stall and refuse to restart. Since getting out of the vehicle to try to push it out of the way is extremely dangerous in heavy traffic, a driver may need to remain there while waiting for an emergency vehicle or tow.
  • Low visibility – Severe weather conditions can reduce your depth perception. During times of harsh weather conditions, you might use your hazards to make other drivers aware of your location.

In situations where a car has their hazard lights on, remember that you have no way of knowing what is wrong. Show respect by slowing down and allowing them room. While it may take some time, you don’t want to cost anyone their life.


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