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1 woman dies, 1 man injured in Texas car collision

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2021 | Car Accidents

A woman’s life has sadly been cut short in a motor vehicle crash in Texas. Meanwhile, a man suffered serious injuries in the collision. The accident, which involved two automobiles, took place during the early morning hours on a recent Wednesday.

The recent accident took place along Farm to Market Road 730. According to police, the wreck occurred when a pickup and a car crashed into each other in an unincorporated county area. Police said both a woman, 41, and a man were involved in the collision.

The woman reportedly ended up in the road and ultimately passed away at about 6 a.m.  Meanwhile, the man was injured and thus airlifted to a medical center. Authorities said they expected him to survive the crash. They did not immediately have details regarding which individual may have caused the crash.

If Texas police learn through their investigation that the woman caused the crash due to negligent driving, then the man may opt to file a personal injury claim against the woman’s estate. He could also sue anyone else with an ownership interest in the automobile that she was operating at the time of the crash. Meanwhile, if police determine that the man caused the accident as a result of careless driving, the surviving loved ones of the deceased woman may file a wrongful death claim against him, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. A successfully litigated claim might lead to monetary damages to cover burial costs, hospital bills and other accident-related expenses.


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