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Motor vehicle accidents in Texas may stem from negligence

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | Car Accidents

Sometimes, motor vehicle accidents with injuries to those involved occur as a result of a driver’s negligence. Sadly, these types of accidents can have a negative impact on the victim’s life long term. However, if you end up being injured due to a fellow driver’s negligence, it is within your rights to seek justice through the civil court system.

A look at negligence in a car accident

Before you can file a personal injury lawsuit against a driver who has reportedly caused your accident, you must demonstrate that your accident resulted from the other party’s negligence. Negligent behavior refers to any inaction or action that was preventable and that a reasonable person would view as dangerous. Examples of negligent behavior include driving with excessive speed and making errors while driving.

Additional examples of negligent behavior behind the wheel include not observing driving laws, reckless driving and distracted driving. Driving while inebriated is also deemed negligent driving in Texas. The same is true for driving while you are tired.

What may result from a personal injury claim?

In your personal injury claim, if you successfully establish the liability of the driver who caused your injuries by demonstrating negligence on his or her part, then a Texas judge will decide your claim. The result may be a monetary damage award to cover your accident-related health care treatment. This includes any rehabilitation therapy you are required to undergo following the crash. Damages may also help with covering any wages you have lost as a result of the motor vehicle collision.


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