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Pedestrians were hit by less cars in 2023, Why is there a Safety Crisis in 2024?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2024 | Car Accidents

Pedestrian safety showed modest improvement in 2023 with fewer people getting hit by cars overall. The year of 2024, however, has witnessed a concerning rise in pedestrian accidents.

This sudden change has raised questions and concerns among communities and officials. Several factors contribute to this safety crisis in 2024.

The change year over year

In 2023, enhanced safety measures and awareness campaigns led to a decrease in pedestrian accidents. Cities implemented better crosswalks, more visible signage and stricter enforcement of traffic laws. However, these efforts seem to have lost momentum in 2024. One significant factor is the rapid increase in urban population, leading to more crowded streets and higher traffic volumes. Many cities, including those in Texas, have seen substantial population growth, making it challenging to maintain pedestrian safety.

Distracted driving trends

Another contributing factor is the surge in distracted driving. Despite awareness campaigns, many drivers continue to use their phones or engage in other distractions while driving. This behavior significantly increases the risk of accidents, which also boosts the likelihood of catastrophic injuries.

The trouble with infrastructure

Infrastructure issues also play a role in the safety crisis. Some cities have aging infrastructure that cannot accommodate the growing number of pedestrians and vehicles. Poorly maintained roads and sidewalks, inadequate lighting and insufficient crosswalks increase the risk of accidents. In Texas, several cities have struggled to keep up with necessary infrastructure upgrades, further exacerbating the problem.

Emerging economic factors

Economic factors are having a significant effect on safety as well. The economic downturn in late 2023 and early 2024 led to budget cuts in many municipalities. These cuts affected traffic safety programs, law enforcement and infrastructure maintenance. With fewer resources available, cities struggled to maintain the progress made in previous years.

The rise in pedestrian accidents in 2024 results from a combination of factors. Addressing this crisis requires a comprehensive approach involving government, communities and individuals to ensure the safety of pedestrians.


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