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Could driving in a Texas traffic jam result in a fatality?

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2024 | Firm News

Could driving in a Texas traffic jam result in a fatality?

Texas has a reputation for its beautiful landscapes and busy cities, and it is no stranger to traffic on its roads. Whether you live in Dallas, Austin or Houston, driving on Texas highways can test anyone’s patience, no matter how experienced a driver they are.

The risks of traffic jams

Traffic jams are more than a frustrating delay for the driver. Research suggests that traffic jams pose risks to drivers, potentially fatal risks.

Hot weather

Traffic jams can pose a danger because drivers can experience extreme heat while stuck in traffic. Texas is notorious for boiling temperatures, and while most people have air conditioning in their vehicles, not everyone does, or sometimes in-vehicle air conditioning systems fail.

Hot temperatures can lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Road rage

In the middle of traffic, you will probably encounter raging drivers. Some people are incapable of waiting and get very upset behind the wheel, leading to road rage, which can cause accidents and even death.


Spending lots of time waiting outside in the air will expose you to poor air quality and pollution. This can be harmful to you in the short term or long term, especially if you already suffer from a respiratory disease like asthma.

Stress and other health issues

Besides exposure to pollution and dirty air, regular exposure to heavy traffic can lead to an accumulation of stress hormones. These spikes in cortisol, the stress hormone, can lead to illnesses later.

Driving already poses a risk, and driving in traffic increases the danger by exposing drivers to additional factors they would not encounter otherwise. If you must drive during Texas traffic, think about how to prevent any of the above.


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