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Main Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Accident victims of motorcycle accidents are offered very little protection when they are involved in a collision. Riders are more likely to suffer serious injuries and even death as a result. If you are a motorcyclist, it may be useful to learn about the various causes of motorcycle accidents. This may be helpful in preventing a future accident.

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes?

Most motorcycle accidents involved a motorcycle and another vehicle. The other vehicle is usually the one that collides into the motorcycle in a head-on crash. These accidents may also have fatal results for the motorcyclist.

Here are other examples of the types of collisions that occur:

  • Cars make a left-hand turn and crashes into the motorcycle
  • Car strikes motorcycle as it is passing through the intersection
  • Driver fails to notice when a motorcyclist is passing
  • Motorcyclist is lane splitting, and another vehicle fails to maintain distance
  • Road conditions cause the motorcyclist to lose control
  • A defective product in either the vehicle or motorcycle causes an accident

Whether it is the fault of the motorcyclist or the driver of the vehicle, it will be up to the insurance companies to decide. As Austin injury lawyers, our job is to protect our clients’ best interests and advocate for them during the claims process.

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