“I may not look like a lawyer, but it helps me sneak up on them.”
– David Komie

Did A Reckless Driver Crash Into You?

It’s up to everybody on the roads to drive safe. Unfortunately, many drive recklessly without regard to anyone’s safety and cause an accident. If you were injured because a reckless driver, David Komie – the attorney that rocks – is the one many people turn to.

You may have seen him on billboards around Austin. He has dreadlocks and is in a rock band. He’s also a great lawyer, recovering money for people who’ve been seriously injured by crazy drivers.

At David Komie Law, he and his brother, attorney Matthew, have years of legal experience dealing with insurance companies and fighting for compensation their clients need and deserve.

What Exactly Is Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving – also called aggressive driving – is when a driver commits multiple traffic violations and endangers the lives of other people on the road, including bicyclists and motorcycle riders.

Common characteristics of reckless driving include the following:

Reckless driving contributes to more than 30% of all vehicle accidents in the nation. In Texas, laws are in place to prevent them but they still do happen. Fortunately, those who are injured can file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver to recover losses from the accident.

A Strange But Smart Lawyer You Can Trust

Reckless driving really ticks off David. He has seen for himself just how devastating car crashes can be for victims and their families. As a car accident attorney, he knows how to investigate the accident, gather the right evidence to build a case and come up with a unique strategy designed to get you compensation you are entitled to.

Sure, he has dreadlocks, plays in a rock band and might not seem like a regular lawyer. But when it comes to experience, knowledge and passion, he has your back.

Let Them Fight For You – Totally Free Consultations

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