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The Future Of Self-Driving Car Accidents Remains Uncertain

For decades, futuristic movies and television shows have included advancements in automobiles that the industry could only dream of, until now. Self-driving cars may be on the roadways of Texas, and perhaps here in Austin, but they may have issues with reliability and safety. The vision of driverless cars reducing, or even eliminating, the possibility of accidents is not yet realized.

In fact, numerous self-driving cars have been involved in serious, if not fatal, accidents. The breadwinner in the family may no longer be able to work due to permanent injuries or death. Even the inability to work temporarily during the recovery from serious injuries could jeopardize a family’s financial future. In addition to struggling to make ends meet, medical bills and other accident-related expenses add up quickly.

Determining Fault in a Self-Driving Car Accident

Whether you were a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or a bicycle rider, if you suffered injuries or are a family member who lost a loved one in a crash involving a driverless car, you may be entitled to compensation for your financial losses. Determining fault in these cases may present a challenge since the manufacturer may bear or share the fault for the accident in addition to the other driver. A thorough investigation could identify the appropriate parties to include in your claim.

Where To Turn For Help in Austin and Travis County

The experienced attorneys at David Komie Law, possess the skill, resources and forward thinking needed in order to help you through a claim involving this relatively new area of the law. Our attorneys don’t shy away from a challenge and will work diligently to help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Even though this area of law remains untested, your claim can’t wait until it is. Having an experienced, compassionate and tireless self-driving car accident attorney on your side could make all the difference.

If you lost a loved one or suffered injuries in an Austin crash involving a self-driving vehicle, you may benefit from taking advantage of our free initial consultation. You may contact us by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 512-937-1291 as soon as possible in order to determine your legal options.