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Electric Scooters — Environmentally Friendly But Dangerous For Riders And Pedestrians

Numerous Austin residents who are looking for environmentally friendly and cheap forms of transportation end up turning to electric scooters. Bird and Lime electric scooters started it all. Now there are others out on the market, such as GOAT. These days it is common to see adults and children operating electric scooters on sidewalks and in bike lanes riding around all areas of the city. It is also common to hear of accidents involving these vehicles.

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Risks Of Riding

Some electric scooters can get up to 15 miles per hour. That may not sound like a lot, but it is fast enough to do a lot of damage to your body in an accident. The simple truth of the matter is:

  • Electric scooter riders are difficult for drivers to see.
  • These vehicles offer no protection for their riders.
  • Electric scooters are not very stable.
  • These vehicles do not do well when driven over potholes, gravel, debris or other road hazards.

While electric scooters are fun to operate, they are not toys. Without exercising proper care, it is very easy to get hurt while riding one.

Risks To Pedestrians

Not only do we hear of scooter riders being hit by cars, we hear of scooter drivers hitting pedestrians. In these cases, both driver and pedestrian may suffer serious injury. Commonly seen injuries include broken bones, lacerations, brain injuries and damage to nerves — among many others.

Seeking Compensation After An Electric Scooter Accident

Whether you were riding your scooter and were hit by a car or as a pedestrian you were struck by a scooter, if negligence contributed to the event you may seek compensation for your losses. We at David Komie Law, have experience resolving all types of injury cases either through out-of-court negotiations or litigation. We will work diligently to help you seek maximum relief. Call us at 512-937-1291 to schedule a free consultation.