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Scaffolding Accidents: The Danger Of Construction Sites

Construction is a thriving industry. However, construction sites present a multitude of dangers. When a worker falls from a scaffold, the result is often severe injury and even death. At David Komie Law, our Austin construction accident attorneys have over 60 years of collective experience and can provide you with the reliable representation necessary to obtain your desired outcome. With an excellent track record of success, we are confident in fighting for justice.

Mistakes That Result In Scaffolding Accidents

Based on statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, scaffolding accidents annually result in around 5,000 injuries and over 60 deaths. 65 percent of construction work consists of using scaffolding according to OSHA. Companies are obligated to ensure the safest environment possible for their workers. However, some fail to neglect this type of precaution in order to gain a larger profit and save money.

The following are ways structural failure can occur by human error:

  • Scaffolding assembled incorrectly
  • Scaffolding assembled without protective handrails or guards
  • Scaffolding not maintained in good condition
  • Scaffolding not properly secured
  • Scaffolding not properly tested

While worker’s compensation can cover the costs of medical and disability benefits, you cannot recover noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. However, if a scaffolding contractor issued defect equipment or a property owner failed to prevent the dangers from occurring, you are able to file a lawsuit against a liable third party.

Let Us Fight For You

Our Austin personal injury attorneys can thoroughly investigate the cause of your injuries in order to determine if a third party is also responsible for your injuries. We have a firm understanding of the laws and court proceedings involving your type of case. Do not hesitate to get the legal help you need today.

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