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At David Komie Law, our firm brings together a wealth of experience that allows us to help our clients secure the best possible outcomes to their cases. We know what it takes to build highly effective cases that truly help our clients. Our experience includes time spent defending insurance companies against claims. That insight into how an insurance company may approach a case is invaluable and helps us create the impressive results we are well-known for.

David Komie

The Attorney That Rocks! If you are in need of a dedicated, experienced, and skilled lawyer to assist you with your injury case, then look no further than David Komie.

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With our decades of experience helping injured people, we have seen firsthand what happens to people’s lives after an accident. A caregiver may now need to be cared for. A breadwinner may not be able to work. Medical bills pile up while less money is coming in. The challenges are enough to overwhelm anyone, and people have to face them while they are working on recovering from their injuries. It is more than anyone should have to face alone. That is why we do what we do. Let us help you through the tough times you are facing.


“The attorneys at David Komie Law helped us so very much. My husband and I were and are thoroughly pleased with how they handled our case and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help. When the chips are down and you have no time to take care of things, the attorneys will have your best interest at heart. So thank you David Komie Law for helping us navigate such a torrential motorcycle claim situation with firm patience and a warm heart.”
– John Doe
“Fantastic law firm and attorneys. They stepped up to the plate and really helped a family member out when she was in bad car wreck almost a year ago. They were able to get all her medical bills (in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) handled, plus a decent cash settlement. I highly recommend them without hesitation.”
– Anonymous
“The staff and attorneys at David Komie Law treated me with kindness and respect .. I was lost till i went to see them after a accident in a retail store ! I was hurt and did not know what to do since then they have walked me thru this ! I already appreciate what they have dine for me ! Cant wait to see the result of this situation!!”
– Anonymous
“You guys were super-fantastic at keeping informed of the processes and procedures, as well as aiding in coordinating so many dr appointments, etc! You were always willing to meet, if I happened to have any questions, and always willing to help in any way you could. And Big Ups to Ana for putting up with me! Much appreciated, David Komie Law!”
– Anonymous
“David Komie Law helped me obtain the settlement I required from an Insurance company following a car accident. Ana Rodriguez, and the entire practice were aggressive, diligent, and effective in settling the case to my best advantage and as quickly as possible. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!”
– Anonymous

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After suffering serious injuries in an accident, you deserve to have a skilled attorney by your side who can help you effectively fight for the compensation you need. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 512-338-0900 or contact us online.

We take cases on a contingent-fee basis. You pay no fees unless we secure compensation for you.