“I may not look like a lawyer, but it helps me sneak up on them.”
– David Komie


I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help.

The attorneys at David Komie Law, helped us so very much. My husband and I were and are thoroughly pleased with how they handled our case and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help. When the chips are down and you have no time to take care of things, the attorneys will have your best interest at heart. So thank you David Komie Law, for helping us navigate such a torrential motorcycle claim situation with firm patience and a warm heart.

I would recommend them to anyone.

David Komie Law, helped me obtain the settlement I required from an insurance company following a car accident. Ana Rodriguez and the entire practice were aggressive, diligent and effective in settling the case to my best advantage and as quickly as possible. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!

The best outcome I could ever had received

I was injured in a major car accident late last year. I was unable to represent myself in anyway during that time. Work and home life was turned upside down. I was referred to David Komie Law, from another attorney that is out of state from my work. Even though it happened in another city. The firm was able to work through all the red tape within days. I never had to worry about a thing after. Ana and the staff in the office always answered all my questions and responded back immediately. I never had to follow up phone calls. Usually within hours Ana or staff called me back with answers. This to me, made all the difference in the world having that peace of mind. David Komie Law finished up my case with the best outcome I could ever have received. Thank you,

Always keeping informed

You guys were super-fantastic at keeping informed of the processes and procedures, as well as aiding in coordinating so many doctor appointments, etc.! You were always willing to meet, if I happened to have any questions, and always willing to help in any way you could. And Big Ups to Ana for putting up with me! Much appreciated, David Komie Law!

They are right….he does rock!!!

First of all, I have always been the kind of person to appreciate when great service is greatly satisfied. You could never get me or pay me to lie about something. I’m always wanting to help people like I would like to be helped and advice them as I would. I actually came to David Komie by accident and was in the wrong building. It was like god guided me to the right path. I was involved in a car accident with my children in the car. I was severely hurt to the point I could not walk. I was scared, hurting and felt alone. As soon as I walked in and just asked for a consultation I was greeted by Ana, David’s assistant. She was so helpful and in any way did I feel stressed or pressured to sign anything. Actually it’s funny how now I see commercials of all these lawyers spending all this money when really it’s desperation what they show. They explained everything to me and what was very important for me at the time was that I was in pain and needed help with medical attention since I didn’t have any insurance at the time. He sent me with the best top doctors in Austin!! I was seen right away and got attention and comfort as I needed. Unfortunately my condition leaded to surgery but with the best Orthopedics in town. I am now on the final stages of my case and yes it took a whole year but I’ve come to realize that when you do things in a hurry they don’t come out right. I’m so, so thankful I met David at David Komie Law! I want to share press the word with my true testimonial because not only am I very thankful but I want others to have a great professional experience I did!! The communication was always there!! Called me after my surgery always showed interest and gave me options and put my health first. Ana is so amazing and her staff and I have to admit I was intimidated by the way David looks only because he’s so down to earth looking, no suits and all serious faced with words I don’t understand but because he seemed just human like us lol. Now I see how David was successful with my case and was able to transform myself from a poor scared mother who needed a hand to a much more stronger woman this experience has made me. My life won’t be the same ever again and all due to someone being on the phone and my kids will never forget it as well but you have peace of mind knowing someone who cared when I needed it the most lend me his shoulder to lean on and helped get through this!! They also helped me financially as of course one income in the household left and not being able to work was so hard but they have options for you to get through the bump financially and that is priceless to me!!!!! So thank you David Komie and your staff for all the support you have provided my family and I. I will always be grateful to you!!! They are right….he does rock!!!

You will not regret being represented by the best!

David Komie was a law review scholars in law school. His services represent the best in professionalism and experience in personal injury law. David Komie Law, are successful in a broad spectrum of personal injury law: multidisciplinary attorneys who will help their client navigate through the disability process, criminal system and many other social matters. David Komie Law, have a combined level of experience equal to a half century in litigating cases, and it shows in their attention to their clients. In the state of Texas, insurance companies, businesses and the medical community are always taking advantage of policyholders, no-fault injuries, employees, patients of medical malpractice, the uninsured, and many other forms of business and insurance abuses. Do not attempt to collect your losses on your own. Hire a team known for their experience and a team recognized for being in the top 100 trial attorneys in Texas, protecting their clients from the unethical practices of insurance companies. David Komie Law, diligently represent their client’s interests and conclude their cases fairly and expeditiously. Do not go it alone… Hire David Komie Law, for the best representation in Texas. You will not regret being represented by the best!

Can’t wait to see the result of this situation!!

The staff and attorneys at David Komie Law, treated me with kindness and respect. I was lost till I went to see them after a accident in a retail store! I was hurt and did not know what to do since then they have walked me through this! I already appreciate what they have done for me! Can’t wait to see the result of this situation!!

Fantastic law firm and attorneys.

Fantastic law firm and attorneys. They stepped up to the plate and really helped a family member out when she was in bad car wreck almost a year ago. They were able to get all her medical bills (in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) handled, plus a decent cash settlement. I highly recommend them without hesitation.