“I may not look like a lawyer, but it helps me sneak up on them.”
– David Komie

Get Slammed By A Truck Driver In Austin? David Komie Will Fight For You.

Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles think they rule the road, often with disregard for motorcyclists and others in smaller vehicles. Many commercial truck drivers are sadly overworked, tired or distracted – and cause injury when they collide with others on the road.

Have You Seen “The Attorney That Rocks?”

David Komie is an Austin-based lawyer who fights to get money for those who have been injured by reckless truck drivers. You may have seen him on billboards across town. He’s not your typical injury attorney. He sports dreadlocks and plays in a rock band. He’s known as the attorney that rocks. David is cool, approachable and accessible.

But you’re probably wondering whether he’s really a good attorney or just says he’s one?

Millions Recovered

David really is a good attorney. He and his brother Matt have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for musicians, music producers and others who have suffered brain injuries, broken bones and other serious injuries.

He’s helped people get money because of:

Lost A Loved One? David Can Help.

Sadly, truck accidents often result in death. The nature and size of a commercial vehicle is no match for someone on a motorcycle or passenger car.

Families who have lost a spouse, child, brother or other relative are left wondering: Now what?

David can help you recover money, both for your losses and losses on behalf of your loved one.

David leaves nothing on the table. He’s has recovered money for others in similar situations. He can help you.

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