“I may not look like a lawyer, but it helps me sneak up on them.”
– David Komie

Hurt In A Car Accident? David’s Got Your Back.

Car accidents aren’t always just bad luck. Many drivers simply aren’t paying attention. They’re on their phones, surfing You Tube or driving while drunk. You shouldn’t be paying the price for someone else’s speeding or other bad decisions. That’s where lawyer David Komie can help.

“The Attorney That Rocks”

David is a different kind of lawyer. You may have seen him around town. He has dreadlocks, plays in a rock band and hangs out in the Austin art and music scene, with artists and musicians and oddballs.

He’s a down-to-earth dude who also happens to be a highly skilled injury attorney who has gotten results totaling in the millions of dollars for people who were injured in car accidents.

Don’t Get Shortchanged

Car accidents are life-changing. And they’re expensive. You may be drowning in medical bills and repair bills. On top of that, you might have missed work due to the accident. The last thing you need while struggling with serious injuries is added financial stress.

The sad truth is that you can’t trust your insurance to pay you what you need. They will likely try to pressure you into accepting a lowball settlement shortly after your accident.

They know you’re stressed, overwhelmed and struggling to make sense of your options. But don’t take the bait. It would almost certainly leave you with far less than you deserve. David and his brother Matthew, also an attorney, are here to fight to get you the real money you need and deserve.

They stand up against insurance companies to make sure you don’t get shortchanged.

Start Exploring Your Options. Schedule A Meeting!

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