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3 teens killed in Texas motor vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Wrongful Death

Three teenagers recently lost their lives in a tragic single-car crash in Texas. The motor vehicle collision took place early on Sunday morning. The victims’ surviving loved ones are now left to grieve and wonder how their loved ones’ lives could have been snuffed out so suddenly.

The fatal accident took place at around 12:32 a.m. According to authorities, a car was going south along County Road 3302 in Bowie County. The driver reportedly lost control of the automobile when she attempted to navigate a corner.

Police said the car then left the roadway and flipped over before landing and becoming submerged in a nearby creek. The 17-year-old driver passed away at the crash scene. Two female passengers, ages 17 and 19, were also pronounced dead at the accident scene. Authorities said they did not know why the driver lost control of the car but continued to investigate the cause of the collision.

Police might ultimately conclude that the accident occurred due to negligent driving — such as speeding or driving while distracted. In this situation, the surviving loved ones of the passengers who died in the crash would be entitled to file wrongful death claims, seeking financial damages. Although the driver of the car passed away in the accident, her estate could still be sued. In addition, anyone with an ownership interest in the car she was driving at the time of the accident — perhaps her parents, for example — may be named as an additional defendant in the lawsuit. A successfully litigated claim would likely result in a judgment for monetary damages to help to cover burial costs and other losses resulting from the fatal Texas car wreck.


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