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Hit-and-run pedestrian crash leads to 1 injury, 1 arrest

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2021 | Pedestrian Injuries

An elderly woman has sadly been injured in a tragic hit-and-run pedestrian accident. According to the Texarkana police, a 26-year-old woman caused the collision and then fled the scene. However, authorities managed to arrest her on a recent Thursday after receiving anonymous advice in late September.

How the unfortunate incident occurred

The pedestrian crash, which took place in July, occurred when a car reportedly backed over the woman while she was walking in a parking lot. Police said the car ended up dragging the woman multiple feet beneath the automobile before driving off. The woman suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash and was thus transported to a medical center by helicopter. However, she was expected to survive.

Authorities said the female motorist who caused the accident fled the scene but was eventually caught, arrested and jailed. The 26-year-old woman faces a felony charge of leaving a crash scene where serious injuries occurred. A $40,000 bond was set for her.

How an attorney can help in these situations

The woman who suffered injuries in the collision may opt to file a personal injury claim against the arrested woman, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. If the arrested woman is convicted on her charge, proof of the conviction may be presented in a related civil court proceeding with the goal of establishing liability for the accident. A claim that is successfully litigated might lead to damages to cover the injured woman’s hospital bills and other expenses tied to the Texas crash.


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