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This type of vehicle poses a huge threat to pedestrians in traffic

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Pedestrian Injuries

When Texas pedestrians get hit by motor vehicles, the outcome is often severe. People out walking or jogging do not have the structure of a vehicle or the protection of safety restraints to reduce their injury risk. Even low-speed crashes can lead to broken bones and brain injuries.

Pedestrians may die in collisions caused by people texting in a parking lot or pulling out of a driveway without checking nearby sidewalks first. In recent years, the number of deadly pedestrian crashes has been on the rise both in Texas and across the United States. Factors including increased risky driving behaviors have contributed to the rising reports of pedestrian fatalities in traffic. However, another factor also contributes to that rise in fatalities. Specifically, there is a type of vehicle that has become more common that increases the risk for pedestrians on the road.

Higher front ends increase pedestrian risk

Overall, the trend in motor vehicles in recent years has been toward larger vehicles. SUVs, minivans, trucks and crossovers now dominate the roads. The taller these vehicles become, the more of a threat they pose to the average pedestrian.

Once the hood height exceeds 40 inches, the risk of someone dying in a pedestrian crash goes up by roughly 45% when compared with vehicles that have a hood height of 30 inches or less. For vehicles that fall in between those two heights, a more vertical front end was more dangerous than a sloped front end.

Even when pedestrians don’t suffer fatal injuries, they may have thousands of dollars in medical expenses and even more in lost wages if their injuries put them in the hospital or leave them with permanent symptoms. Brain injuries and crushing injuries to bones often do not result in full medical recoveries. Pedestrians sometimes find that the insurance coverage available after a crash is insufficient given the scope of the losses they suffered.

Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit after a Texas pedestrian crash is sometimes necessary for someone in need of compensation from a liable party. Those who understand what factors increase their risk on the road can monitor their surroundings and be inspired to take appropriate action if a crash occurs.


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