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Do motorcycle riders have the right of way in Texas?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2024 | Motorcycle Accidents

Technically, motorcycles are motor vehicles, but they are vastly different than four-wheeled vehicles. Texas motorcyclists typically need special licensing to legally operate a motorcycle. They also have different safety concerns when compared with those in larger vehicles.

The average driver around Austin, Texas may not treat motorcycles with the respect that they deserve. There is an assumption that smaller vehicles should yield the right of way in traffic, but misconceptions about the law could potentially lead to preventable collisions.

Do motorcycle riders ever have the right of way in traffic?

Motorcycles have the same traffic rights as bigger vehicles

While those in SUVs or other large vehicles may not view motorcycles as a safety threat, they still need to comply with rules regarding the right of way in traffic when they encounter motorcycles. At an intersection, a motorcycle already in the intersection has the right of way, while those approaching the intersection should yield.

Unfortunately, the cognitive limitations of the average motorist may prevent people from properly reacting to a motorcycle in traffic. If someone doesn’t notice a motorcycle, they cannot properly yield to it at an intersection. Drivers frequently cause motorcycle crashes because they do not actively look for motorcycles.

They may then try to claim either that they had the right of way or that they simply didn’t notice the motorcycle. Motorcycle riders hurt at intersections because of another driver’s negligence may have the option of filing an insurance claim or possibly even a personal injury lawsuit.

Someone on a motorcycle does not have an enclosed vehicle to protect them and could have major medical expenses in addition to substantial lost wages related to their injuries. Motorcycle riders may find that basic liability insurance is insufficient given their losses and that a lawsuit is the only viable means of securing full compensation after a collision.

Refreshing oneself on traffic laws that apply to motorcycles may benefit riders in Austin, Texas, especially as the warmer season begins and the chances of a motorcycle crash increase. Texas motorcyclists familiar with their rights can make smarter choices in traffic and may find it easier to hold an appropriate party accountable in the event of a crash.


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