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What can a motorcyclist recover after a car side-swipes them?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders in Texas have thousands of miles of open road to enjoy and beautiful natural vistas to tour. Whether someone goes for weekend relaxation rides with friends or commutes to work every day on their motorcycle when the weather is good, they typically need to know about their risks and rights while riding on a motorcycle.

After all, those navigating two-wheel transportation face catastrophic consequences if they get hurt in a crash. All too often, the person on a motorcycle that gets hurt isn’t to blame. Instead, they suffer consequences because of the bad choices of someone else in traffic.

There should be insurance coverage to help an injured motorcycle rider

People in larger vehicles are often to blame for the crashes that injure motorcycle riders and destroy their vehicles. Those in larger vehicles often claim that they did not see a motorcycle near them in traffic and were therefore unable to prevent the collision from occurring. Sideswipes and similar incidents are often the result of a motorist failing to monitor their surroundings sufficiently before attempting to merge or turn.

The negligence of someone in a larger vehicle leaves them open to insurance claims and sometimes even civil lawsuits. Texas law requires insurance coverage, so motorcycle riders should have the option of claiming at least $30,000 in bodily injury losses and $25,000 in property damage expenses. If the driver has more coverage than that, the motorcyclist could potentially defray more of their costs. A motorcyclist will typically have to carry that same amount of liability coverage to lawfully ride, but they will have the option of adding more protection to their policy. Enhanced injury protection and also uninsured or underinsured motorist protection can both be smart investments for motorcycle riders.

Going to court could sometimes be an option

Texas has personal injury statutes that allow for those hurt by the misconduct or negligence of others to pursue a lawsuit. Large-scale medical expenses and wage loss claims often require civil court judgments because insurance simply won’t cover enough after a motorcycle crash.

Seeking legal guidance to learn more about the options available following a motorcycle wreck may benefit those who are preparing for a summer out on the open roads. When it comes to the immediate aftermath of a crash, knowledge is power and being proactive is key.


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