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Signs of distracted driving Texas pedestrians should watch for

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2024 | Car Accidents

It’s important for pedestrians to stay alert to the behavior of drivers on the road while walking in Texas. Distracted driving is a significant safety concern, and recognizing the signs can help pedestrians stay safe. By watching for specific behaviors, pedestrians can better anticipate potential dangers and take steps to protect themselves.

Using a phone

One of the most noticeable signs of a distracted driver is someone using a phone. This behavior can impair their ability to focus on the road. Pedestrians should be extra cautious when crossing the street if they see a driver using a phone, as this can lead to delayed reaction times and a higher likelihood of accidents. Even if you don’t see a phone in the driver’s hand, they may look down at it in their lap, or you may see the telltale glow of a screen at night.

Driving too fast or too slow

Speed is another way to spot distracted driving. Distracted drivers often struggle to maintain a consistent speed. They might drive much faster or slower than the flow of traffic. Both scenarios are dangerous: speeding drivers have less time to react to obstacles, while slow drivers can cause confusion and sudden braking. Pedestrians should be wary of cars that aren’t moving with the flow of traffic.

Swerving or drifting

Swerving within or across lanes is another clear sign of a distracted driver. This behavior often means the driver’s attention is not on the road, causing them to unintentionally steer the vehicle or drift in the wrong direction. For pedestrians, noticing a car that is swerving or drifting is a warning sign to stay alert.

Stay safe while walking

Pedestrians in Texas must stay alert to these signs of distracted driving to safeguard their well-being. If you see a driver using a phone, driving at irregular speeds, or swerving, you can make a more informed decision about when and where to cross the street.


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