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How can bicyclists avoid getting hurt in a crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2020 | Bicycle Accidents

Austin is a city that’s grown in popularity among the younger generations in recent years. This has attracted many people who enjoy getting around on their bikes or feet as opposed to in their cars. This has led to an uptick in bicycle and pedestrian accidents in this Texas city in recent years. State transportation officials have published safety rules that motorists and bikers alike should follow to avoid getting hurt or killed while sharing the road.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) officials point out that bicyclists and car drivers alike should always travel in the same direction as other traffic. They note that both parties should also stay in their designated lanes and drive closest to the curb instead of the centerline in the roadway. State transportation officials also point out that both drivers and bicyclists should abide by all stop signs and red lights.

State transportation officials also have published tips that bicyclists should follow to remain safe when riding alongside cars.

They note that it’s quite beneficial for bicyclists to inspect the tires and brakes on their bikes before going for a ride. State officials also emphasize how important it is for bike riders to use the proper hand and arm gestures when making turns. They note how this informs drivers what their plans are.

TxDOT officials also point out that bicyclists should wear reflective or light clothing to make themselves more visible. They encourage bike riders to equip their bikes with a front and rear lights or reflectors to make themselves more visible too. They also point out that helmets can save lives.

Drivers are taught to scan the roadway for bicyclists, especially at intersections. State officials also recommend that motorists use caution especially when they notice that a bike rider is coming upon a road hazard or in cases in which the driver is passing the bicyclist.

Many motorists strike bicyclists because they don’t notice them. Others do so because they don’t follow the rules of the road. An attorney can aid you in recovering compensation to pay your medical bills if you’ve been hurt in a crash. You can send a message to other motorists to pay better attention next time by holding the negligent driver who struck you accountable.


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