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Bicycle Accidents All Too Common In Austin

The city of Austin has a very active culture. No matter where you go, bicyclists can be found. The city has installed numerous trails and bike lanes and is always in the process of adding more to accommodate residents and visitors who enjoy biking around town either as their main form of transportation or recreation. Despite these accommodations, not a month goes by without hearing reports of auto versus bicycle accidents. If you have suffered injuries or lost a loved one in such an incident, according to the state of Texas you may be entitled to seek compensation for your losses.

Why Do These Accidents Happen?

At David Komie Law, we have considerable experience when it comes to bicycle accidents. While the biking community may be big here, many drivers have yet to change their driving habits in order to properly and safely share the road with bicyclists. Auto versus bicycle accidents often happen:

  • In intersections
  • Due to driver inattentiveness
  • Due to driver impairment
  • Due to drivers failing to look
  • When drivers fail to yield the right of way
  • When drivers are too aggressive

Dooring is a great example of driver inattentiveness and failure to look. This is when drivers who have parked their cars open their doors just as bikers are riding past. Numerous cyclists have suffered serious injuries in this manner.

After An Accident

The damages associated with bicycle accidents cannot be understated. In an accident, your physical injuries can contribute to financial and emotional struggles that affect all areas of your life. If you lost a loved one, the economic and noneconomic losses can take a massive toll on your life now and in the future.

Following a bicycle accident, do what you need to do to take care of yourself. If injured, seek medical attention. If you lost a loved one, take time to grieve your loss. If you want to seek compensation for any resulting losses, you may do so with the assistance of legal counsel.

Experience Matters When Seeking Relief After A Bicycle Accident

At David Komie Law, we have decades of experience assisting victims of car accidents in seeking monetary relief for their losses. Contact us for a free case evaluation to learn how we can help you fight for the compensation you need. Call 512-937-1291 or fill out our online contact form.