“I may not look like a lawyer, but it helps me sneak up on them.”
– David Komie

You Can’t Always Trust Your Rideshare Driver. You Need An Uber & Lyft Accident Attorney.

Rideshares like Uber and Lyft are booming in Austin and throughout Travis county. Every day, people entrust their lives to drivers who often drive recklessly and cause serious accidents. There are even reports of drivers physically or sexually assaulting their passengers.

If you were injured in an accident with a rideshare driver as a passenger or as another driver on the road, it’s time to think outside the box.

Austin Rideshare Attorneys That Rock & Get Results

For years, David Komie has been a fixture on the Austin scene as a musician and personal injury attorney. David is not your typical lawyer. He has dreadlocks and plays in a rock band. Sure, he doesn’t look like a lawyer but he’s recovered a ton of money for people just like you.

Whether you’re injured from a reckless driver, drunk driver, or Uber driver, he and his brother, attorney Matthew Kotzen, know the law and will fight to get you what you deserve.

Suing The Rideshare Company?

The rideshare driver isn’t always the only party responsible in a rideshare accident. Sometimes, you can also file a civil claim against the rideshare company. But Uber, Lyft and other corporations care about only one thing: money. They will do everything they can to avoid paying anything in a civil action. That’s where David and Matthew come in. They are fighters who are not afraid to stand up to corporations with deep pockets. David alone has taken more than 30 cases to trial – and won all of them.

Let David Handle The Complicated Stuff So You Don’t Have To

A car crash can cause tremendous trauma that could take a whole lot of time to recover from. In the meantime, you’re getting doctor bill notices and have zero income to pay rent and other expenses because you’re off work. You’re simply trying to recover and stay above water, right?

With David and Matthew, you’ve got an asset on your side. They will take on the legal aspects of your case so you can take on the physical and mental recovery.

These cases are often complex, as lawsuits involving rideshare drivers or entities require a thorough investigation into the circumstances. But rest assured: David knows what he’s doing. Sure, he has dreadlocks and a beard, but not all successful attorneys wear a suit and tie like on TV.

Contact Today. We Offer Free Consultations.

If you want to know your rights after a Texas rideshare accident injury, contact David or Matthew today. Your consultation is absolutely free, plus they work on a contingency fee. This means you pay nothing unless they win your case.

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