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Representing Austin Residents Injured By Drowsy Drivers

Drowsy driving causes a significantly high numbers of auto accidents throughout Texas. Drowsy driving has been linked to nearly 20 percent of fatal accidents each year, or approximately 72,000 crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The high number of accidents could be traced to factors such as our fast-paced lifestyle and certain occupations that do not allow employees to get a proper night’s rest. Over time, the effects of sleep deprivation can drastically interfere with one’s quality of life and affect one’s ability to stay alert, retain information and make judgments in time.

Signs of drowsy driving include the following:

  • The feeling of heavy eyelids and blinking frequently
  • Trouble with staying alert or keeping up one’s head
  • Inability to focus, daydreaming or wandering thoughts
  • Difficulty remembering the areas driven, or missing traffic signs or exits
  • Drifting in and out of lanes

Drivers should begin noticing these warning signs that they may be too tired to drive; unfortunately, there are too many who still choose to take to the road and place others’ lives at risk. Some workers, such as truck drivers and other commercial drivers, as well as employees who work the graveyard shift, are much more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel, just by the very nature of their occupations.

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